H2O Assessments: What does a Dupure technician look for?

H2O Assessments: What does a Dupure technician look for?

What is in my water? This is the main question our technicians will help answer for you through a free H20 assessment.

When a Dupure Water Treatment Specialist visits your home to test your water, they will run a few different tests. a chlorine test, precipitation test, soap test, and a hand wash test. The results of these tests will help determine which Dupure system is the right fit for your home. 

Chlorine Test:

The initial water test conducted is the Chlorine test. While Chlorine is added by your water distributor to help combat bacteria viruses and cysts, your home will often have a higher Chlorine level than what is needed. A Chlorine test will be able to show you how much Chlorine is in your drinking water and will compare it to the Chlorine levels of a typical swimming pool as a point of reference.

Precipitation Test:

A Precipitation test will allow you to visually see the difference in the amount of minerals in your drinking water, and water from a water softener system. This test also allows you to visualize the amount of sediment sitting at the bottom of your water heater, which increases the amount of energy needed to heat up your water.

Soap Test:

A soap test visually demonstrates the difference in effectiveness of soap in hard water and soft water. By adding the same amount of soap to hard water and soft water, you can visually see the difference in the amount of bubbles in the hard water vs soft water. You will also be able to see the lack of soap scum in the soft water container.  

Hand Wash Test:

In a hand wash test, you will wash your hands using soap and then rinse one hand with soft water, while you rinse the other hand with hard water. This will demonstrate how soft water leaves your hands feeling fresh and moisturized due to the lack of soap scum. 

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