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Dupure Water Systems helping families get clean water since 2005

"Everyone should have healthy water that tastes amazing and is safe for their house. Dupure is dedicated to making it easier for all homeowners to have the quality of water they deserve." - Tom Hook, CEO

How To Get The Perfect Dupure System For Your Home

We Love Water

At Dupure, we love what we do: we help families obtain great-tasting, nutritious water right in their own home.

When our experts come to your home, they will help you understand what's really in your water, and how to improve it.

Our mission is to give you certainty that your water is always safe and healthy.

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Why Dupure?

• 125K+ Happy Customers since 2005
• Gold Seal Certified
• NSF Certified
• More than 30 Home Builder Partners
• All Filters Manufactured in USA
• Certified Water Treatment Specialists (Class 1, 2, & 3) on Staff
• Member, Water Quality Association
• Member, National Association of Home Builders

Dupure Whole Home Water System Provider

Made to Serve

Better water doesn't just taste good -- it's safer on your skin and easier on your plumbing. It makes cleaning easier and saves you money. Everyone ought to have water like that.

We serve both homeowners and residential builders, and more than 125,000 happy customers love their improved water.

As a full-service provider we consult with you, install the system you need, and maintain it for you.

Everything we do is designed to make it easier to keep your water free from contaminants and chemicals.

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What's in your water?

Find out how clean your water is (or isn’t) with our Free Water Assessment and learn more about the Dupure water filtration, conditioning, and softening systems that will help you make your house a safer, healthier home.

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Dupure's Pure Promise

You'll love your clean, soft water because it:

• Tastes Amazingly Good!
• Makes Skin and Hair Healthier
• Saves on Household Cleaning Products
• Increases Lifespan of Household Appliances

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Let's Work Together

We’re building a culture at Dupure where everyone can do their best work to serve the greater good. If you’re ready to grow your career or business and want to help thousands of people improve their quality of life, you’ve come to the right place.

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