Buying Guide: Whole Home Systems vs. Under The Sink

Buying Guide: Whole Home Systems vs. Under The Sink

You know the water coming into your home needs to be filtered, but just how filtered does it need to be? And do you need a whole home system and something under the sink as well? These are great questions and are very common for homeowners like you to ask.  

So, what’s the difference between the two?   

Whole Home Systems (WHS)  

Dupure whole home system is a water system that either softens, filters, conditions (or some combination of the three) the water that is coming into your entire house. A simple way to think about it is, wherever there is running water in your home, that water will be filtered, conditioned, and/or softened depending on the Dupure system you have chosen.  

Drinking Water Systems (DWS) a.k.a. “Under The Sink Systems”  

The filtration system that is typically located underneath your kitchen sink, we call those drinking water systems. These filtration systems filter out various contaminants in your drinking water or the water you consume.   

While Dupure’s under-the-sink filtration systems are designed to specifically address the water you drink,. you can also use this filtered water for cooking, coffee/tea, and even water you’d mix with baby formula. And don’t forget your fur babies. They love filtered water as well!   

Do I Need Both?  

Both whole home systems and drinking water systems are great on their own; however, together they are better. The simplest way to answer the question, “Do I need both?” is “Absolutely”.  

Think of each system in the categories of water you use vs. water you consume. The whole home systems address the water you use (think showers, dishwasher, etc.) and under-the-sink filtration units address the water you consume (what comes out of a sink faucet). Combining the two ensures that your water is safe for your appliances and softer on your skin, hair, and clothes while also clean for your consumption.  

Investing in a Dupure system is a great way to ensure that the water in your home is clean and safe. 

What's In Your Water?

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