EcoPur S Series Water Filtration System


Protect The Beauty of Your Home with an EcoPur® S Series Salt-Free Scale Prevention Water Filtration System!

    • Protects plumbing, water heater and entire system from scale formation

    • Earth-friendly, salt-free, green technology

    • No monthly maintenance required

    • Reduces chlorine as well as unpleasant tastes and odors while retaining essential minerals

    • Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

The EcoPur® S Series Whole Home Water Filtration solution offers you great water from every tap in your home without the use of salt or chemicals.'s the filter.

The Catalytic Carbon™ filter is specifically processed to enhance the carbon's ability to reduce and trap chemicals and other contaminants that mat be present in your water supply.'s the technology.

The Green Guard™ (featuring Scale Stop™) is a high-efficiency template assisted cystallization technology that is tested to reduce 99.6% of limestone scale formation, protecting your water heater and appliances from hard water scaling damage.'s the protection.

The EcoPur S Series protects your entire plumbing system from scale damage, including tankless water heaters, electric/gas heaters, and other water-using appliances in your home .'s the clean.

The EcoPur virtually eliminates chlorine, chloramines, a wide variety of chemicals, as well as unpleasant tastes and odors.


The EcoPur S Series.  The EcoPur S Series is a whole home water treatment system.  It is the most earth-friendly option on the market.  It’s economical and environmentally sensitive.  EcoPur S Series isn’t a water softener – it actually treats water using one of the few technologies to be certified for maximum efficiency.  The DVGW, Europe’s foremost water science and technical association since 1859, along with the US based “WateReuse Foundation”, an educational non-profit public benefit corporation – both have tested EcoPur to be 96% efficient for limescale protection.

Advanced, effective, and ecologically responsible, it represents the evolution of both water and the water purification process.

EcoPur S Series is a salt-free, scale prevention, water filtration appliance, offering media designed specifically to prevent scaling while leaving your water feeling normal compared to soft.  Expect less maintenance on this system compared to a traditional system.

Here’s how it works:  Instead of removing the molecules that cause hard water, EcoPur turns the hard water mineral molecules into low energy ions through a process called Template Assisted Crystallization, preventing molecules from sticking or recalcifying in or on your plumbing, fixtures, appliances, etc.  One of the top tankless water heater manufacturers endorses this product as required protection against limescale for the maintenance of its product warranties.

This product has been found to aid in cleaning or flushing of prior hard water deposits.  To determine if the EcoPur S Series is the best water treatment solution for your home, please ask your design center, retail or Dupure representative.  Dupure is available to answer any questions at 877-5FILTER (877-534-5837)