Maricopa County Issues Water Alert For Phoenix Area

Maricopa County Issues Water Alert For Phoenix Area


Some Maricopa County residents are being told not to use their tap water because it could be contaminated. The water warning is for about 2,500 customers in the Peoria area, near Phoenix. They're being advised not to use their water for drinking, cooking, or bathing until further notice.

City officials say tests on the water came up positive for a parasite that can cause Meningitis. Autopsy results last month showed the same rare strain of Meningitis killed two five year old boys. The only thing they had in common was the water source.

Maricopa County Health officials say the water system will be flushed and super-chlorinated, to be sure the parasite is removed. The Centers for Disease Control is also sending in testing equipment to arrive later this week.

from Tucson News Now