Empowering the Consumer

Empowering the Consumer


Dupure has evolved beyond an almost century-old residential water treatment industry that is focused on entering your home at any expense by random door-knocking, misrepresenting product capabilities, and selling uncertified products.  For the consumer, what begins as skepticism results in frustration.  All these years, the residential water industry has been run by independent dealers that have very few barriers to entry, little product expertise and no accountability to anyone other than themselves.  

Product manufacturers operating in this arena are forced to go to market almost exclusively through this network of locally owned, independent dealers.  This is a problem.  A problem recognized by the industry’s own self-evaluation that ranks consistently – every year – poor business ethics and practices by its independent dealers as its number one concern.  If it’s happening every year, why can’t the industry fix the problem?

This industry is characterized by five factors that contribute to this dilemma.  

1. Independently Owned Dealerships
2. High Margin Product
3. Commission Only Salespeople
4. Salespeople being independent contractors are not employed by or accountable to the independent dealer.
5. This industry is content allowing the competitive dynamics between dealerships to play out but, where else, in your kitchen.  

The product manufacturers have no control over this sales dynamic, and in most cases, have totally removed themselves from being accountable for all unethical behavior by its dealers.  Still today, independent dealers haven’t changed their bad habits.  
A leopard doesn’t change its spots.  With a garage and a truck, you’re in business.

The consumer dictated that this business approach is unsustainable.  Dupure agrees, and has evolved our business model to meet demands of the modern consumer.  Dupure has chosen to enter this market by accessing the consumer through major homebuilders in large metropolitan markets.  By offering a turnkey solution, enabling the builder to offer high-quality water treatment products in a consumer-favorable venue that, previous to Dupure, has been unattainable.  Unattainable, as a result of the industry negligence we’ve discussed, through first dealing with the home builder and then the home owner, Dupure is establishing a clear chain of accountability and offering leveraged power to the consumer.  Builders look for the same qualities in a vendor that consumers seek from a service provider.

Great product
Premium service
A strong business track record
Economic viability
Sustainable lifetime warranties

Dupure is committed to a distribution business model for water treatment products that fills the vast expanse between the big box experience and the water dealership world that relies on outdated lead generation methods and high pressure, high priced sales.  Dupure is unique, in that it’s a manufacturer, a wholesale distributor, a direct-to-consumer sales company, and a turnkey service provider.  Dupure’s the only water treatment company in the country that has the resources, suppliers, and knowledge to sustain such a “consumer-centric” business model.


Dupure has further proven itself with national, regional and local home builders like your own through strong reputation, attention to service, quality of product, and affiliations with the Water Quality Association, state commissions on environmental quality (like the TCEQ or ADEQ), and the Better Business Bureau.  At Dupure, if customer service fails in any way with one of our home buyers, then they are empowered to go back to the builder and express dissatisfaction.  Home builders, overseen by regulating bodies and quality conscious home owners alike, have extremely high standards. And if we fail at customer service on either side, then we disappoint both.


A disappointment we do not stand for.


It’s the ultimate accountability.  Consider the alternative:  Dealers in our industry don’t have to make the necessary infrastructure and compliance investments for long term sustainability.  Do you think dealers selling service today will be there for you tomorrow?
Alternatively, for Dupure to operate our business sufficiently for the benefit of the consumer, a substantial investment in infrastructure has been made.  Even further, we continually advance our information technology and human resources dedicated to functions like employee training, accommodating sophisticated builder scheduling software, satisfying WQA standards, and more.  
There are many in this business willing to knock on doors, make capability claims that don’t match their products, and misrepresent warranty information.  How has our awareness of competitor negligence inspired our business practice?


We hear about consumers and builders being offered products that don’t meet expectations.  Also, most builders having dealt with the rest of our industry didn’t feel they were educated on key aspects of the products or their warranties. Take a look at the warranty provided by an industry leader.  Case in point, certain aspects of their products have “lifetime warranties”.  Unfortunately for the homeowner, these warranties will never be valid due to language buried within their contracts that do not cover oxidants damage – with one of those oxidants being chlorine.


Chlorine is present at every water district in the country and at some cases in very high levels.  How many consumers do you think read this carefully enough to ask “What do oxidants damage? Why should I care? I drink the stuff every day…”  


Petroleum-based synthetic resins present in water softeners are sensitive to chlorine and oxidants.  The industry is not being truthful in letting the builders and homeowners know that chlorine and chloramine have a damaging effect on their resins, and over time will render the resin ineffective.  Without chlorine protection, these systems are weakened and become less effective from day one.  The industry is not forthcoming in communicating this aspect of these products voiding their lifetime warranty.

Dupure is a consumer advocate in the industry, supporting the public’s need for education.