The Effects of Untreated Water on Your Home

The Effects of Untreated Water on Your Home

Did you know that untreated water damages your appliances, shortens their lifespan, and can even void your warranty? Yikes!

Read below for ways that untreated water affects your…


Untreated water causes you to use a bigger volume of soap, creates clogged jets (and less clean dishes!), and that white film you find on the inside (yuck!).

That’s why we have to use rinse aides, and the dishwasher will stop draining properly. Hard water deposits and clogged jets make the motor work harder and fail faster. And depending on how hard your water is, these damages may void your warranty.

Washing Machine

Like dishwashers, using untreated water in washing machines means you have to use more soap and add in more fabric softener. You’ll get more white film and drainage problems.

But mineral deposits also cause scratches and clouds on the viewing window, and can be the culprit of that stinky odor that you just can’t get rid of (either from the water itself, or from standing water in the machine!).


If you use untreated water in your refrigerator, you should expect etching and scratching of the stainless steel, especially near the drinking compartment. Watch for more white buildup in that area, which can become impossible to clean.

Untreated water will also eventually cause clogging in the internal water lines, and potentially break your ice maker. Not to mention that standard fridge filters can’t remove ammonia from your water, so even your fridge water could taste funny.

Sinks, Showers, and Toilets

Hooray, for more scratching! Untreated water in bathrooms (and anywhere else with a sink!) can be extremely damaging. Mineral deposits in untreated water can etch stainless steel, and cause calcium rings around handles, bases, and faucets.

It leaves white film on dark colored sinks and showers, and buildup around shower heads that makes them difficult to clean. It also contributes to more mildew and mold buildup, and can cause rings in your toilet and discoloration that is hard to remove.

Not only is hard water tough on the appearance of your fixtures, it can cause big problems! Untreated water can clog pipes and cause low water pressure. It can also cause handles to be stiff and difficult to turn. Some chemicals in untreated water can cause gaskets and seals to crack which can create leaks in your kitchen or bathroom.

Mineral build up in the pipes can cause your toilet plumbing to malfunction, and cause entire pipe systems to fail, which lead to bigger (and more expensive) repairs!

Granite Countertops

Did you know that some chemicals in hard water can strip the sealant from your granite countertops? This exposes the pores in the stone, which can cause unsightly watermarks.

And of course, you’ll have more scratching, etching, and that stubborn white film around your sinks and faucets.

Hot Water Heaters

Hard water in your water heater (even tankless heaters) can cause build up on the heating coil. This can make it less effective at heating water. Build up can also cause a pressure drop, leading to a less effective heater.

If your water heater has a tank, you might be required to do an annual “flush” to get rid of the hardness. But if you haven’t done this in some time, chemicals in your untreated water will oxidize and cause the inside of your heater to rust. This contributes to those stubborn rust stains on your fixtures.

Not only that, less effective hot water heaters use more energy as they struggle to heat up, and eventually cause electric heating coils to fail. Tanks can lose capacity as they fill with mineral deposits, and overall damage from hard water can void your warranty.

Phew, the effects of hard water on your home can range from annoying to incredibly costly! No matter what you’re dealing with right now, a whole-home soft water system will address all of these issues (before they even start)!

Keep your appliances running smoothly, your warranty secure, and and your water pure!

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