Evolve Crystal Series Whole Home Water Conditioner

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*Exclusively available through our Home Builder Partnerships*

The most sophisticated media technology and control valve in one whole home water filter system!

    • Removes hardness

    • Removes iron

    • Removes manganese

    • Raises low pH levels

    • Reduces iron and bacteria

    • Reduces unpleasant tastes and odors

The Evolve© Series Whole Home Water Conditioner with Crystal Right Media protects your home from costly hard water damage with the added benefits of protecting hair, skin, and clothes.  With an Exclusive Lifetime Warranty, the Evolve Series is the premiere choice in water filtration for the whole house.

...it's the media

Crystal Right does even more by removing hardness, iron, and manganese while raising low pH levels.  In face, no other media available today can outperform Crystal Right.  It's the only solution to use for problematic water, and a Dupure exclusive.

...it's the display.

LCD color display actually changes colors to signal service needs or convey service modes.  Large, easy-to-read digital lettering clearly spells out all commands and functions and will display Dupure's name and phone number when system needs service.  A chirp even alerts you to "low salt" conditions. 

...it's the controller.

This unique controller is equipped with an extended lithium battery backup and will never lose programming due to a power failure.  It will remember all operating functions and will even hold history and diagnostic information.  System regenerations are automatically activated according to actual water consumption and usage patterns.

...it's the chlorine generator.

The Evolve uses a patented chlorine generator to kill and remove unwanted iron and sulphur bacteria, maintaining a sanitary environment within the system.  The chlorine generator monitors salt usage and brine concentration, allowing the control valve to alert you to low salt conditions. 

System Service or Filter Replacements

If you are looking to schedule service or replace your filters for this system, please visit this page and fill out the form.