Media Shield Replacement Service

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This service is for anyone who has a Dupure Whole Home unit that contains a media shield filter inside of it.

Dupure Whole Home Systems with Media Shields:

  • Omega High Flow system (some Omegas have the media shield as an added-on feature)
  • Impression Plus System
  • Refinex System
  • IntellaShield System

The media shield is typically made of a material that is resistant to damage from small particles and debris, like KDF. KDF is a high-purity copper that is designed the reduce Chlorine and other contaminants in the water. The goal of the media shield is to protect the resin bed from damage caused by hard water and debris in the water supply. KDF media shields are required/recommended every 2 years in order to provide longevity to the life of the resin and prevent premature failure of the water softener.  

A Media Shield Replacement service includes:

  • Shutting off water to the water softener to prevent any water from flowing into the unit while performing the service
  • Releasing pressure from the water softener
  • Removing the old media shield currently installed
  • Cleaning the resin bed to remove any type of build-up that may be present and ensure the media is still in a state of producing soft water
  • Installation of the new media shield
  • Refilling the tank with water before turning the unit back on
  • Turning the unit on and performing manual regeneration
  • A final testing of the water and hardness to confirm the water is soft

Benefits of this service:

The main benefit of replacing a media shield with a water softener is to ensure the continued effectiveness and efficiency of the water softening process.

  • Improved Water Softening
    • Over time, the resin beads in the media tank can become worn out, fouled, or saturated with minerals. This can lead to a decrease in the water-softening capacity of the system. By replacing the media shield, you restore the softener's ability to effectively remove hardness minerals, ensuring that your water remains soft and free from scale buildup.
  • Extended Lifespan of the Water Softener
    • The media shield is a critical component of a water softener system. By replacing it when necessary, you help protect the entire system from potential damage caused by excessive mineral buildup. This can help extend the lifespan of the water softener, reducing the need for costly repairs or premature replacement.
  • Consistent Water Quality
    • A properly functioning media shield ensures consistent water quality throughout your home. Softened water provides benefits such as smoother skin and hair, increased lifespan of water-using appliances, reduced soap scum and residue on surfaces, and improved efficiency of water heaters. By replacing the media shield, you maintain the quality of the softened water, enhancing your overall water experience.

Questions about this service?

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