Lower monthly home expenses. Reduce environmental impact. Protect the investment in your home.

All by choosing better water.

Drinking Water Systems

Pure Blue Drinking Water System

Chlorine-Free Water at Your Kitchen Sink

The Single Stage Drinking Water System reduces chlorine and other contaminants from your daily drinking water. Enhance the flavors of your food and beverages by filtering the water from your kitchen sink. Our Single Stage filter reduces odors, disinfectant byproducts, plus more by filtering your drinking water up to 40% better than your standard refrigerator filter.

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Pure Blue Plus Drinking Water System

Spring Quality Water at Your Kitchen Sink

Start saving now with the Dual Stage Drinking Water System. With our two intense filters, reduce contaminants down to 1 micron for spring quality without a trip to the store. This system provides spring/mineral quality water without expensive service calls or maintenance. We make replacing your filters simple and your water tasting great.

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Pure Blue Reverse Osmosis

Three Stage Purification Drinking Water System

DuPure offers the finest drinking water at your kitchen sink with the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System. This three-stage filtration process delivers purified bottled water by filtering down to .000362 microns eliminating viruses, bacteria and other harmful contaminants. Contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing your plastic bottle waste with the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.

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Whole Home Systems

Impression Series (Lite and Plus)

Whole Home Water Softener

Exclusively offered through the partnership of your home builder and DuPure, the Impression series protects your home from costly hard water damage. The Impression system helps eliminate chlorine and heavy metals to provide softer water throughout your home. Water usage is electronically monitored and the system automatically regenerates based on actual water consumption.


Evolve Crystal Series (Crystal and Split Tank)

Whole Home Water Conditioner with Lifetime Warranty

The Evolve with Crystal- Right™ Media with a lifetime warranty is exclusively offered by DuPure. This series removes hardness, iron and manganese while raising pH levels. No other available media can outperform the Crystal-Right™ technology and the advanced LCD color display provides easy to read notifications.

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Omega Solar (Omega and HF)

Whole Home Water Softener powered by Solar Panel Technology

The Omega lineup includes both traditional and solar powered systems for the environmentally conscious consumer. The Omega Solar keeps your system powered up to 50 hours through battery charge to lower energy costs. Protect your home appliances by installing this whole home softening system to reduce chlorine and heavy metals in your water.

Download: Omega Solar 2013 | Manual | Warranty

EcoPur S Series

Salt-Free Scale Prevention

The EcoPur S reduces odors, chlorine and chloramines to protect your water-using appliances from hard water scaling damage. Using the Scale Stop technology, the EcoPur S decreases 99.6% of limestone scale formation through crystallization. The combination of a Catalytic Carbon™ filter and the Green Guard™ featuring Scale Stop™ provide great water throughout your home without the use of salt or other chemicals.

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