Drinking Water System

Imagine getting clear, crisp water without the cost, hassle, or inefficiency of bottled water - water that not only tastes great but also is healthier for your family. Dupure drinking water filtration and purification systems offers you exactly that. Instead of relying upon refrigerator filters or bottled water, turn on the sink to find tasteless, odorless water with far fewer contaminants.  Click here for more information on Dupure's various drinking water filtration solutions.

Compare Drinking Water Systems

Improves clarity and purity of water

Improves taste of water

Eliminates odor of water

Low and simple maintenance

Under sink installation optimizes counter space

Virtually eliminates Chlorine

Dramatically reduces Chloramines


Virtually eliminates lead, silt, bacteria and volatile organics


Water quality equal to, or better than, premium bottled water


Water filtration and purification system


Filters all minerals