Breaking News in the World of Water

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Group Worries Chemicals In Drinking Water More Widespread Than Reported13-Jun-2017

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the effects of low-level exposure are unkno..

Report shows Houston-area water contaminants that could be harmful to your health25-May-2017

A number of Houston-area water systems, including the City of Houston itself, are inc..

Chemicals Found in City of Houston Drinking Water31-Mar-2017

HOUSTON ( - The safety of drinking ..

Important notice for those still using unfiltered well water...19-Jan-2017


Maricopa County Issues Water Alert for Phoenix Area03-Jan-2017

Some Maricopa County residents are being told not to use their tap water because it could be con..

The Las Vegas water is safe ... Kinda03-Jan-2017

Water that flows from taps across the valley exceeds all federal and state health standards, acc..

Channel 2 investigates cancer-causing chemical in Houston's drinking water02-Dec-2016

HOUSTON - We need it to cook and clean and we need it to survive. But Channel 2..

Berea Ohio Has Got Some Seriously Brown Water15-Nov-2016

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH ( This is Berea’s municipal ..

New York water hit with PFOS scare, but Reverse Osmosis treats it15-Nov-2016

Contaminated water scare hits Newburgh, NY By Mike Groll, AP In a c..

E. coli found in Arizona Water system14-Nov-2016

E. coli found in Doney Park Water system by Emery Cowan, Arizona Daily Sun ..

Here's How The Flint Water Crisis Happened10-Nov-2016

Transcript of CNN Report: Here’s How Flint’s Water Crisis Happened Sara Ganim, CNN ..