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Vision & Mission

We want to educate you about your water. Our team of water treatment specialists thrives on informing you about your water treatment options. Dupure offers superior solutions that give you guaranteed control over your living environment by protecting your assets. We invite you to explore how Dupure can ease your mind and your pocket book while addressing these concerns.

Come on in and look around.

History & Philosophy:

In 2005, Dupure was founded in Houston, Texas with two basic goals. First, we wanted to construct a company that could deliver water treatment technologies to the residential markets via business to business relationships. By partnering with production home builders, we were able to move away from the standard industry practices of random door-to-door selling. In return, our goal was to educate new home owners with a water solution in hopes of preventing a water problem. Secondly, we wanted to offer an array of technologies and water treatment options. Historically, homeowners were only offered a limited product line due to independent dealer obligations. Our customers have a choice and a valued opinion. After all, it is your home, your water, your decision.

These two core objectives have resulted in a higher standard of practice within the residential water filtration industry due to the accountability many independent dealers lack. Builders partner with Dupure with confidence that business is conducted at the highest standard. Our objectives are as clear as the water you deserve. Dupure currently works with over 40 production home builders with offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Changes to Dupure

If you haven’t heard, Dupure is under new management. We intend to be a better company in every respect: more responsive, more expert, and more committed to our customers and partners.  A key initiative is to become a company of better listeners; so please feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or a message on Facebook to tell us how we can improve your life with our water. We would also love to hear any and all feedback about your Dupure experiences. Thanks! [Facebook (, Twitter (@Dupuresocial), or email (] 

Our Builder Partners

Dupure works with over 100 builders across the United States, who together have installed our drinking water solutions and recommended our water treatment systems to over 80,000 homebuyers—here’s a partial list of our builder partners:


Dupure is a rapidly growing company seeking motivated individuals. For available career opportunities in sales, customer service, and management, visit our careers page.

Water Filtration on TV

A while back Dupure appeared on the television program Designing Spaces discussing all things water filtration, and the video and audio transcript can be found here. Enjoy!

In 2009, the esteemed Dr. Oz devoted a segment of his show to the illegal contamination of water around the country by various industries.  It's a sobering reminder of why everyone would be better served with some kind of filtering system.