The Recommended 20 Point Inspection of your Water Softener

What's included?

Install new battery (if needed)

Confirm time and system settings

Inspect power head for cracks and broken clips

Inspect wires

Test water hardness

Test water for chlorine

Cycle system and test each position for positive flow

Check drain line for proper flow

Check for piping and fitting leaks

Confirm flow meter wiring and test meter

Check brine tank for leaks

Inspect brine tank lid

Test brine tank float/confirm check valve rattles

Check brine tank tubing for air leaks

Examine brine tank for salt bridge

Wipe debris out of brine tank

Inspect outlet cover box

Check raw water/softener water hose bib

Test RO tank psi and observe psi from refrigerator (if applicable)

Confirm RO operating <35 TDS (if applicable)

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